What is a Business Information Report?

Detailed one-time report to help mitigate potential business risks by accessing a company’s operations, financial performance, and public filing records.
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Risk Indicators Included

D&B Rating

Evaluates a company’s financial health and the risk factors of doing business with it.


Provides a view of a company’s payment behavior over the last year.

Credit Recommendation

Suggests a safe credit amount to offer customers and suppliers.

EMMA Score

Predicts the likelihood of a company going out of business within the next 12 months.

Why should I get a BIR?

Don’t do business with a company without understanding them! In an ever-changing business environment, a BIR gives you something difficult to obtain: a window into a potential partner’s business. With a Business Information Report, your company can detect risks when working with specific business partners and identify opportunities with clients, suppliers, and partners that can drive business growth.

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    Commercial BIR

    Accurate research that presents information, analysis, and interpretation about potential clients, suppliers, and partners

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    Comprehensive BIR

    Our most in-depth and thorough report contains detailed information for important business decisions

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